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Weddings & Elopements & Vow Renewals

Celebrating Love in Paradise 
Aloha Hawaii Weddings

Kahu Michaela "Mikela" Larson 
Hawaiian Blessing by Michaela 

Authentic Hawaiian Ceremonies

Designed for Everyone

Non-Denominational & Non-Religious

Weddings, Vow Renewals,

Elopements & Hawaiian Blessings 
Always ​LGBTQ Friendly with Aloha!

An opportunity to truly experience the culture of Hawaii.

Hawaiian ceremonies are very sacred but never boring! 
Be a part of the Story...


Always with Aloha!

If you'd like to find out if your date is available,the quickest response 

would be by texting Michaela at 808-896-7955.  Be sure to include ceremony date, estimated time and location. 


"I would recommend Aloha Means Love to anyone looking to have a beautiful and happy wedding"

- Mia Taylor

Image by Jonathan Borba

Authentic Hawaiian Ceremonies Designed for Everyone!

Michaela Blowing the Conch.webp

Aloha Mai Kakou!

My name is Michaela Lehuanani Larson,

I am Hawaiian, a Kama'aina, child of this land.

I come from a ​traditional Hawaiian Ohana which provides knowledge and insight needed when performing the Hawaiian elements in your ceremony.

A former Hawaiian studies teacher, and school in the art of hula, your ceremony comes with years of experience passed on through generations.


All ceremonies include authentic Hawaiian elements designed for everyone.


The spirit of aloha is intended to be experience and shared by everyone.

All ceremonies are filled with aloha and always authentic.  

"When you give out love, love comes back in return".


With local island knowledge and insight, I can help you design your ceremony with all you need to find the right people and location to make your event filled with aloha!

Malama Pono,
Michaela Lehuanani Ikaika Larson

Performer License: Michaela Lehuanani Larson ​2013-02829 

Cell or Text Michaela 808-896-7955 to check if your date is available. Wire Reviews

Hawaiian Style Beach Weddings and Vow Renewals
Authentic Hawaiian Ceremony
Include Family Traditions
, Spiritual Scripts, Poems and More!


Contact Michaela at 808-896-7955 between 10 and 1PM or schedule an appointment to go over ceremony options.

Sacred Hawaiian Ceremonies

Officiate Ceremony
After 11am until Sunset

$395.00 plus tax and service fees

Authentic Hawaiian Ceremony provides a unique and meaningful way to celebrate your special day. Michaela will officiate your ceremony with traditional Hawaiian elements, creating a beautiful and unique experience. Our services are always LGBTQ+ friendly.  

You are welcome to add personal touches, religious readings, prayers, poems and traditions.

Beach Permits are not included with this option.  Please include in your request.  Permits are $60.00 and provides two beach options.  
Sacred Ceremonies

 Consultation Services Only
You just have questions...

$200.00 per hour 

plus tax and service fees

We offer a consultation service for $200.00 per hour plus tax and service fees. With local insight and years of experience,
I provide answers, recommendations, and contact information for your ceremony. I'm here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with helpful information.

Consultations provide you with the professional advice and guidance you need to make your special day magical.
Services are tailored to your individual needs and are available at an hourly rate. We offer in-person consultations at Michaela's office, as well as over the phone, Zoom, text, and email. With my comprehensive approach, you will be sure to have all of your days needs taken care of.
Beach Glass Weddings - Kikaua Bay Sunset.jpeg

Officiate Early Morning & Sunrise Ceremony
Prior to 10am

$895.00 Ceremony

plus tax and service fees
Location: Waikoloa Beach Resort or Mauna Lani Bay Resort​
Beach Permit Included
Required Liability Insurance
Finalize Marriage with State of Hawaii
Copy of the Finalized Marriage License 
For Vow Renewals and Commitment Ceremonies, ask for a decorative vow renewal certificate.
Is my date availabe?

Mahalo for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

Text Michaela at 808-896-7955,

for the quickest response.


Steps to Planning Your Big Island Ceremony with Michaela

1) Is your date available? 

Text, call or email Michaela to see if your date is available. You can also use the request form provided below.

*For the quickest response, text Michaela at 808-896-7955, leave ceremony date, location on the island, and estimated time.

2) If Date is Available: 

  • Email or text Michaela at 808-896-7955, both names, ceremony date, time, location, email billing address, phone numbers and selected option. Esitmated locations and time are okay as well.

  • Schedule a time to meet Michaela on the phone to go over price options, details and ceremony script.

  • Michaela will then send you a non-refundable retainer/deposit which confirms our commitment to each other. 

  • Date will be confirmed once retainer is received.  (Credit Card, Venmo or Zelle)



Marriage Licensing Process is Next:

  1. APPLY ONLINE: Application for your marriage license needs to be completed online. (License application has a 65.00 fee and good for a year) You will need my Performer License: Michaela Lehuanani Larson ​2013-02829. Register for a marriage license (print two copies). 

  2. SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT WITH LICENSING AGENT: Make an appointment with one of the State of Hawaii Licensing Agents (30 days out, 5.00 fee) You must have your online application completed and Locater ID Number, Agent will request this from you.  ​

  3. MEET LICENSING AGENT: Meet the licensing agent as scheduled. MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT 

  4. WEDDING DAY: Meet me at the ceremony location with your license for signing following the ceremony.  Please be sure to bring the license to the ceremony location, do not leave it in the car, hotel, home or at your BNB.  


Michaela will take the signed marriage license and finalized your marriage with the State of Hawaii.

The official hard copy will arrive in your mail 10 to 20 days following your finalized marriage.



District Health Office – Hilo (By Appointment Only)

Letisha Kuwahara

(808) 974-6004

Governor’s Liaison Office – Hilo (By Appointment Only)

Dennis Onishi

(808) 974-6262

Private Agent (By Appointment Only)

Rose Delfin 

(808) 640-6179


Private Agent (By Appointment Only)

Monica Balanay

(808) 325-8072


Governor’s Liaison Office – Captain Cook (By Appointment Only)

Susan Kim & Pamela Sanchis

(808) 323-4542


District Health Office - Waimea (By Appointment Only)

Tiffany Joaquin

(808) 887-8114

Linked Performer License: Larson, Michaela 2013-02829

Please watch this instructional video for more information.

Go to the online application by clicking here:

Sample of the Marriage License

​Simple and Sweet Ceremonies Package
Hawaiian Style Beach Weddings with Aloha 
$695.00 plus tax and service fees
Between 11am and Sunset Only
We serve the entire island.  Beaches, Private Residences & Resorts
Authentic Hawaiian Elements Designed for Everyone


  • Pre-designed Ceremony Script 

  • Personal and Unlimited Consultation with Michaela

  • Assistance with Marriage License Application and Licensing Agent

  • Beach Locations Assistance - Help Choosing a Beach Location - Beaches available on the State of Hawaii Wiki Permits only.  You can choose two locations and confirm your choice when you have had a chance to check them for your approval.

  • State of Hawaii Wiki Beach Permit Included 

  • Required Liability Insurance for the Wiki Beach Permit. If no beach permit is needed ask Michaela to design a personalized decorative certificate for you.

  • Script sent to you for review and editing.

  • Two Fresh Flower Leis - In Hawaii we exchange leis as a symbol of love.

  • Kukui Lei - For the Unity Ceremony (you can substitute this section for another tradition choice).

Pre-designed Ceremony Outline:

  • The Calling of the Conch Shell - The conch shell is blown to open the ceremony. 

  • Hawaiian Chant - The chant of Aloha, of love.

  • The Greeting - The Hawaiian word for love is Aloha.

  • Blessing of the Rings and the Wedding Couple - Hawaiian chant & pa’a kai (sea salt).

  • Ohe Hana Ihu, ancient Hawaiian Flute - Sweet sound of the flute, a tranquil moment.

  • Exchange your Lei of Love - In Hawaii we exchange leis as a symbol of our love.  

  • ​The Honi - Exchange of Ha and Mana, Ha (amazing experience) - Sacred Hawaiian gift of love

  • The Reading 

  • The Vows - Repeat after me or prepare your own personal vows.

  • Declaration of Consent I Do's

  • The Ring Blessing & Exchange ​

  • Kukui Ceremony - Unity Ceremony

  • ​Kukui Reading, Light of Love "Two Become One" the Unity Blessing 

  • Hawaiian Closing Chant   

  • Closing Words - By Michaela

  • Pronouncement

  • Present Couple as Legally Married 

  • Processing and Finalizing Marriage with the State of Hawaii​​​

  • Copy of Finalized License Emailed to you for your records. 

Michaela will send you a copy of the ceremony script.

If you'd like to add Sand or Salt Ceremony, Unity Cross, Jumping the Broom, Handfasting Ceremony,

or any Special Touches, please be sure to provide your own vessels, broom, cords etc.  


Request a quote for Early Morning Ceremonies, Holiday Rates, Travel and Mileage.

No travel fee or mileage fees for locations between Mauna Kea Resort and Kailua Town.

Kiholo Bay and Long Hikes within this area include a Travel Fee

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